The Dizzy Gillespie Discography: Live at Carnegie Hall, Sept 29, 1947


The purpose of this mini-discography is to sum up the performances by Gillespie and his bands on this special evening.
The woven in quotations are from Dizzy Gillespie's autobiography to BE, or BOP.

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    ARTISTRY 110

  1. Cool Breeze [5:12]
  2. Relaxin' At Camarillo [2:30]
  3. One Bass Hit [5:05]
  4. Nearness [3:55]
  5. Salt Peanuts [6:15]
  6. Afro-Cuban Drum Suite [7:05]    (Cubano Be-Cubano Bop)
  7. Hot House [4:57]
  8. Toccata For Trumpet [3:15]
  9. Oop-Pop-A-Da [7:23]
  10. Things To Come [2:34]
   Dizzy Gillespie, trumpet, vocal (5,9) and leader
   Dave Burns, Elmon Wright, Ray Orr, Matthew McKay, trumpet
   Bill Shepherd, Taswell Baird, trombone
   Howard Johnson, John Brown, alto sax
   James Moody, Joe Gayles, tenor sax
   Cecil Payne, baritone sax
   John Lewis, piano
   Milt Jackson, vibes
   Al McKibbon, bass
   Joe Harris, drums
   Chano Pozo, conga
   Lorenzo Salan, bongos
   Kenny Hagood, vocal (9)

   This was the first performance of Chano Pozo with the Dizzy Gillespie orchestra
   and also the first performance of Cubano Be-Cubano Bop. Chano Pozo was killed
   in December, 1948, shortly before his 34th birthday.

   Yesterdays, a ballad for Milt Jackson, was also performed by the orchestra, but
   could not be included due to a faulty microphone pick-up which left the vibes totally
(According to the record liner notes.)
   An audible version of Yesterdays and Milt Jackson can be heard on Oberon 5100 with
   the 1951 Gillespie-Coltrane combo and another on The First Q on Savoy, also from 1951.

Dizzy Gillespie And His Legendary Band Back side of the sleeve


    Side One

  1. Night In Tunisia [5:30]
  2. Dizzy Atmosphere [4:15]
  3. Groovin' High [5:15]
  4. Confirmation [5:55]
  5. Koko [4:20]
   Dizzy Gillespie, trumpet
   Charlie Parker, alto sax
   John Lewis, piano
   Al McKibbon, bass
   Joe Harris, drums

   This set is frequently reissued, starting from the first 78's on Black Deuce, like on EMUS ES-12017, side 1, which includes
   A Night In Tunisia in 2 parts, Confirmation (abbreviated after Parker's solo, equal to part one), Groovin' High also in 2 parts
   as a consequence of the limited space of the 78's. Liner notes on EMUS ES-12017 by Stanley Dance.

        At that concert, Charlie Parker did something. People try to create some dissension between Charlie Parker and me.
   They don't know how warm a relationship we had. On the stage, after one of the numbers, Charlie Parker just walked out
   on the stage with one rose, one long rose -he'd probably spent his last quarter to buy it- and gave it to me. And he kissed
   me -on the mouth- and then walked off. I get a warm feeling every time I think about Charlie Parker.

   Dizzy's words, quoted from to BE, or BOP.

    Side Two

  1. Almost Like Being In Love [2:00]
  2. Stairway To The Stars [4:25]
  3. Lover Man [4:30]
  4. Flyin' Home [2:30]
  5. Lady Be Good [4:00]
  6. How High The Moon [4:30]
   Same personnel as on ARTISTRY 110. Omit Hagood. Add Ella Fitzgerald, vocal.


        I got to Carnegie Hall on September 29, 1947. Billy Shaw at that time was with the Gale Agency and he said,
   'We should have a concert with you and Ella Fitzgerald at Carnegie Hall.' At that time they'd put packages together,
   and they'd always put us together with Ella. I said, 'OK, let's go'. It sold out. It was beautiful.

   Dizzy's words, quoted from to BE, or BOP.

Dizzy Gillespie And His Legendary Band Back side of the sleeve
Bird and Diz In Concert Bird and Diz In Concert
   Broadcast recording from Carnegie Hall 1947.             Photo of Bird and Diz in Carnegie Hall at the 1947 occasion.
   Label: Sonet SXP 2851. Original Swedish 45
   rpm 7" album. This EP (with its unique cover)
   is the very first issue ever. Photo from birkajazz.

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