In the 1980's and the 1990's I visited many fascinating concerts in Sweden and Denmark. Here's my choice of 11 pieces:

- Please adjust the sound volume from tune to tune. -

     Dexter Gordon ts, Kirk Lightsey p, Rufus Reid b, Eddie Gladden dr, at Skeppsholmen,
     Stockholm 1980. Playing Dexter's Antabus.

     Arthur Blythe as, Abdul Wadud cello, Bob Stewart tuba, Bobby Battle dr, at Montmartre,
     Copenhagen 1981. Playing Black Arthur's Bush Baby.

     Archie Shepp v/ss, Lester Bowie tp, Horace Parlan p, Essiet Okun Essiet b, Don Mumford dr, 1983.
     Playing Archie's Mama Rose.

     Ethnic Heritage Ensemble: Kahil El'Zabar dr/mbira, Edward Wilkerson reeds/perc,
     Hanah Jon Taylor reeds/perc, at Montmartre, Copenhagen on April 19, 1983.

     Max Roach Double Quartet playing Bridgewater's Bird Says at Montmartre, Copenhagen on
     July 14, 1983. The musicians were: Cecil Bridgewater tp, Odean Pope ts, Art Davis b, Max Roach dr,
     plus the String Quartet (in this tour Cecelia Hobbs replaced Diane Munroe from this press photo):
Uptown String Quartet 1982. Clockwise from upper left: Maxine Roach - viola, Akua Dixon - cello, Diane Munroe - violin, Gayle Dixon - violin.

     George Adams v/ts, Archie Shepp ts, Don Pullen p, Cameron Brown b, Danny Richmond dr, at
     Montmartre, Copenhagen on Jan. 11, 1984. Playing Don's I Could Really Go For You.

     Henry Threadgill sextett at Montmartre, Copenhagen on July 11, 1989. Playing Henry's
     Sweet Holy Rag. For band members, see the Threadgill discography.

     Cassandra Wilson v, Rod Williams p, Kevin Bruce Harris b, Marc Johnson dr, at Mejeriet,
     Lund on November 02, 1989. Starting the performance with Polka Dots and Moonbeams.

     Myra Melford p, Lindsey Horner b, Reggie Nicholson dr, at Mejeriet, Lund on March 30, 1990.
     Playing Myra's, regrettably abbreviated, Some Kind of Blues.

     Henry Threadgill's Make a Move at Copenhagen Jazz House on July 08, 1996.
     Playing Henry's 100 Year Old Game. For band members, see the Threadgill discography.

     Abbey Lincoln v, Marc Cary p, Michael Bowie b, Aaron Walker dr, at Copenhagen Jazz House
     on July 14, 1996. Playing Abbey's Down Here Below.

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