Bosse and Berra JREP-1201

Bosse Wärmell

A work in progress
by Lars Backström

     The purpose of this discography is to sum up the few releases of the music by Bosse Wärmell. Reading an article by Bo Tjerned *)
     in the book "Svenska texter om JAZZ" pleading for a release of recordings by Wärmell, later resulting in an LP 1984, I became
     reminded of that I had seen the saxophonist perform on "Stockholms Högskola" around 1960, when I was a student there. But I
     didn't realize the idea of making a discography over Bo's music, before I read an article in "OrkesterJournalen" by the leading free-
     form player in Sweden, Mats Gustafsson, about the above record plus his blindfold test with jazz guru Harald Hult  (Blue Tower
     Records and the shop Andra Jazz) of Chi Chi from the "No Title" record, also that in "OrkesterJournalen". Wärmell was not only
     a saxophone player. According to Lars Sjösten's collection, Bosse made many arrangements of his own and other compositions.
     Happily I've realized that Wärmells music will be reissued, hopefully in a near future. That's all I know about it for the moment.

 *) Excerpt in 'Ekenslang' (impossible to translate): Bosse hade en pryl som han var ensam om, han var verkligen great på något sätt,
     verkade hip på ett sätt som är djävligt ovanligt här i Sverige. Det fanns inget jönsigt eller påklistrat över honom ... Bosse var trots
     allt den verklige jazzhipstern. Han kunde verkligen lira ... Bosse snackade barig och fin söderdialekt. Just like any kid from there!


    Blue Train recorded live at Nalen, February 7, 1962.
    Rue Chaptal recorded at the club Sunset, February 27, 1962.
Bosse and Berra A1/B1 Bosse and Berra A1/B1
Bosse and Berra JREP-1201 Bosse and Berra JREP-1201

The white label was the first pressing by Bengt 'Frippe' Nordström
on Frippe Records (a predecessor of his Bird Notes) of about 10
copies of this music on EP. The abstract painting on the sleeve is
made by Leopold Fare.  The red label was pressed in 200 copies
and released on Jazz Records (EP-1201). Both releases numbered
A1/B1. The only releases made of Wärmells music, when he still
was alive, were the Frippe Records (this and the next one). Those
EP's are of course rare and very expensive today.

    Blue Train

Bosse Wärmell - tenor sax
Bertil Lövgren -trumpet
Henno Tooming - piano
Göran Oskarsson - bass
Jan Carlsson - drums.

    Rue Chaptal

Bosse Wärmell - tenor sax
Bertil Lövgren - trumpet
Carl-Erik Melkerud - bass
Fredrik Norén - drums.

    No Title. Frippe Records C1/D1

    Recorded 1961 at BRA-studio, Stockholm, by Bengt Nordström. Released March 1962.
    (Info by Mats Gustafsson and Bo Tjerned.)
Bosse and Lalle C1/D1 Bosse and Lalle C1/D1 The next record with white label by Frippe Records,
pressed in about 10 copies on EP, was consequently
numbered C1/D1. Harald Hult has made his own,
else missing, jacket with a picture of Bosse Wärmell
by Gunnar Smoliansky.

The musicians are:

Lalle Svensson - trumpet         Tracks
Bosse Wärmell - tenor sax       1. Chi Chi
Björn Alke - bass                     2. Softly, as in a Morning Sunrise.
Bosse Skoglund - drums

    BOSSE WÄRMELL, maj 1962.

    Recorded May, 1962 and released on LP 1984. EMI Odeon 1361361.

    Displayed on the envelope are letters, which Bo Tjerned sent to
    induce the producer Gunnar Lindqvist to release these recordings.
Bosse Wärmell, maj 1962     Side A
    Recorded at Europa Film.

    Bosse Wärmell - tenor sax
    Bertil Lövgren - trumpet
    Lars Sjösten - piano
    Björn Alke - bass
    Bosse Skoglund - drums

  1. Chi Chi [7:25]
  2. Like Someone In Love [3:27]
  3. When Will The Blues Leave [2:52]
  4. Ray's Idea [4:56]
  5. Däähoud [8:08]

    You can listen to the music on this record
    Side B
    Recorded at Gyllene Cirkeln.

    Bosse Wärmell - tenor sax
    Rolf Ericsson - trumpet
    Lars Werner - piano
    Kurt Lindgren - bass
    Rune Carlsson - drums

  1. Pent-up House [6:20]
  2. Donna Lee [3:39]
  3. Round Midnight [6:13]
  4. Five Spot After Dark [4:30]
  5. Like Someone In Love [4:46]
  6. Nica's Dream [3:34]

here or on Spotify.

    The Golden View.

     Released 1998 on CD. Flash Music FLCD-7.
     Track 1 recorded in Stockholm, March 1960.
     Track 2-8 recorded at Gyllene Cirkeln (The Golden Circle) May 16, 1962.
The Golden View    Tracks
  1. Blues March [5:14]
  2. Donna Lee [8:32]
  3. Pent-up House [9:07]
  4. Ah-Leu-Cha [8:29]
  5. Five Spot After Dark [13:42]
  6. In Walked Bud [13:33]
  7. Round Midnight [6:18]
  8. The Theme [11:30]

   Liner Notes: Bosse Tjerned
   Front Cover: Leif Tjerned
   Track 1
    Bosse Wärmell - tenor sax
    Lennart Jansson - baritone sax
    Stig Söderqvist - trumpet
    Jan Forsby - piano
    Conny Lundin - bass
    Leif Wennerström - drums

   Track 2-8
    Bosse Wärmell - tenor sax
    Rolf Ericsson - trumpet
    Lars Werner - piano
    Kurt Lindgren - bass
    Rune Carlsson - drums

    Börje Fredriksson & Bo Wärmell: But not for me.

     Recorded Broadcast for Swedish Radio on January 10, 1963.
Börje Fredriksson & Bo Wärmell     Bosse Wärmell - tenor sax
    Börje Fredriksson - tenor sax
    Kjell Norlén - guitar
    Rolf Olsson - bass
    Rupert Clemendore - drums
  1. Blue's Blues [4:47]
  2. Cheers [5:48]
  3. Body & Soul [6:57]
  4. But Not For Me [7:03]
    You can listen to this music here or on Spotify.
Börje Fredriksson & Bo Wärmell     From the same occasion, with Wärmell
    on soprano sax on West 42nd Street,
    released on Fredriksson Special,
    Dragon DRLP 167, 1988.
    Dragon DRCD 422, 2016.

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