Discographer, pictured by Booker T.:
Characteristic Monk in Stockholm 1961, photo by Robert Parent

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   World Bridge Federation

   Above is a link to my record in the World Bridge Federation file, by which you can link
   further to other records and information from WBF. According to its rules, master points
   are reduced by 15% each year for ranking purposes. Once achieved titles are maintained.
   You can click on any competition to see the result list, players of each team, etc.

   I have enjoyed myself listing the number of titles of Swedish players, totally 67
   (including some deceased persons), per October 29, 2012. Notable is that we have got 2
   players in the World Grand Masters list, namely Peter Bertheau and Fredrik Nyström.
   Also remarkable is that Ida Grönkvist has become World Master in the Women category
   at the age of only 17 years.


  •    7   World Life Masters.
  •  11   World International Masters.
  •    9   World Masters.

  •  11   Seniors Masters.

    As you can see, the total sum of titles is 67. Yet the sum of players is 62, depending on
    that 5 players have 2 titles each [Anders Morath, Sven-Olov Flodqvist and Hans Göthe
    (WLM and SM), Sven Åke Bjerregård and Mats Nilsland (WIM and SM)].

    Link to details

OS-brons 2000!
    Olympic Senior Bronze Medallists 2000: Morath, Alfredsson, Ekberg, Hallén
    and Backström. The 6:th member of the team, Göthe, was not present at the
    prize-giving ceremony. Photo: Maria Grönkvist.

    European Bridge League

    Above is a link to the EBL home page. There you will find lists of titles by Swedish
    players (from an earlier update, but much the same persons, as in the WBF lists):

  •  11   European Grand Masters.
  •  11   European Masters.

  •    2   European Grand Masters.
  •  14   European Masters.

  •    2   European Masters.

  •    8   European Masters.

    As you can see, the total sum of titles is 48. Yet the sum of players is 43, depending on that 5 players
    have 2 titles each [Sven-Olov Flodqvist, Anders Morath and Hans Göthe (EGM and Seniors EM), the
    sisters Cecilia and Sandra Rimstedt (Women and Youth)].

    This update per December 23, 2012 may be my last. It should be a duty for the Swedish Bridge Federation.

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